Legaspi Street, Dumaguete City

HCH Contact Number(s):

+6335 225-0247, +6335 225-0510

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  1. Peter says:

    You are so right

  2. Hasse says:

    My name is Hasse Foreigner with experience as a patient of the hospital sometimes when I was living in Dumaguete for some years Holy Child Dumaguete who reportedly is owned by Nuns and the Catholic Church
    I wonder? Dont you have any dignity at all in your stupid mind? The fact is that you have only money in your mind In all coming situations
    Sick Filipino people, poor farmers and other citizens who usually don’t have more than 4-5000 pesos a month and have a family of sometimes 10 people to support.
    When these poor people need care Then you present bills of 100,000 pesos and more for help and assist them Without money, no care from you !!!
    What the hell is this rotten medical care in the Philippines
    Will the poor in your county just die because you do not help those who cant pay. You call the hospital Holy Child Better you name it Holy Bill clinic because there is nothing holy about your hospital ,nuns and Catholics at all. You probably pray in secret every minute for a better life for yourself and that you will come to God when you die
    But I’m quite sure that you will all end up in the grill of satan where you belongs.
    And it’s the same bad with the private schools run by nuns around the country
    These schools don’t accept student girls who have boyfriend or relationship
    Girls in these schools must be virgins and untouched for access
    Are you Catholic nuns so incredibly ruthless representatives of the Catholic Church, You are terrible costumed people with a single thought in your mind Making money on everything and everyone
    Those who don’t have money will not get any help from you.
    Hope you all fall into Satan’s grill And the Filipino people one day make revolution against everything that has to do with Catolisismen
    You are not human people, You will be called thieves and Deceivers, who must confess to obtain forgiveness of sins against your own people But it will not help you from Satan’s barbecue. You can be sure about that I’m sure you will through this letter away as garbage But I’m sure you will be on Satan’s table some day PRAY!!!