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  1. Teixeira Mathilda says:

    Dear sir, Dear Mrs

    We are 3 students nurse of 2nd year: Rosa 25 years old, Sarah 22 years old and Mathilda 20 years old.

    We contact you to know if it is possible to welcome us in internship in the Palma Malaluan Hospital for a duration of 5 weeks during our 3rd year from 05/11/2018 till 07/12/2018.

    We are very curious, dynamic and passionate about nursing and the medical profession.

    Indeed we would love to go toi Philippines in your establishment to discover a caring care different from the one we know in France, a pace of work and teamwork different than those we know.

    This internship would be for us the opportunity to meet Filipino and share together, to learn in the care but also humanly with the population and caregivers.

    This trip would be for us the realization of the dream that we share to carry out a humanitarian mission by providing our support teams caring for disadvantaged people.

    Thanks to our previous internships we have knowledge and skills in the psychiatric, cardiological, operative, oncological and geriatric fields.

    We speak English about a school level that we continue toi learn.

    We hope to have convinced you of our investment in this magnificent project and our ambition based on discovering this country through this professional experience

    See you very soon we hope for it,

    Rosa, Sarah and Mathilda