Doña Remedios Trinidad Highway, Longos, Pulilan, Bulacan

OLGH Contact Number(s):

+6344 676-2774, +6344 676-2882, +6344 795-2505, +6344 676-2883 (Fax)

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  1. Joanna Yeng Ramos says:

    How much po pag nagpa test po ng OCT RNFL at AVF???and what day po available pra sa test?

  2. J says:

    Magkno po ang 2d echo ng baby?

  3. Neomi Quinte says:

    Magkano po pa check up sa obgyne?

  4. jomararce28 says:

    Mam magkano po p EEG

  5. ashlie villamayor says:

    goodmorning how much po check up sa urologist ?

  6. Corazon says:

    Gud am po wat time po ang schedule ng 2d echo pedia po s hospital nyo at magkno po thank u po at yun po ng pedia cardio doctor nyo po

  7. maya consina bandoy says:

    Itatanong koh lang poh sana kung may naging pasyente poh kayong NESTOR BANDOY.. 4 to 5 years ago nah poh.. Thank you

  8. raizza pabilane says:

    gudpm po kelan po ang sked na EEG nyo.

  9. del santiago says:

    hello po may mri po ba sa Our lady of mercy hosp and magkano po?

  10. Al says:

    Hi good morning . I would like to ask if how much you charge for a executive general check up?

  11. Elaine De Guzman says:

    how much for circumcision??? and do we need to book for appointment for that? and its out patient right? thanks….

  12. Richard Babanta says:

    how much po private room and cs s inyo?lapit na kasing manganak asawa ko…

  13. Mark Wolover says:

    Is this Our Lady Of Mercy General Hospital in the Philippines?I need to find out more information about my mom who was admitted there. Julita T Wolover. Also number for insurances purposes