(Formerly Bacolod Sanitarium Hospital)
Tanchuling, Bacolod City

BAMC Contact Number:

+6334 433-3195, +6334 433-4831

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  1. lingon says:

    do you have complaints desks?

  2. Annabelle Gonzales says:

    Hi maam/ Annabelle im planning to give birth to your hospital..
    I would like to inquire if how much 1.normal delivery with private room?
    2.normal delivery ward?
    Pls.send to my email…
    Thank you..

  3. eliezer Dotimas says:

    Hi, I would like to know if the hospital can conduct confirmatory test for G6PD?

  4. hi. i would like to inquire about the heart center. do they cater outpatients having blood transfusion?

  5. Good day ma’am/sir, I am Audrey Fe Danielle Santiago Pabuhat I’ve been trying to reach you for my thesis I would like to conduct a study about your Center. Please reply ASAP.

    • itsme says:

      Perhaps you could have a letter from your dean and present it personally at the BAMC Admin office or to the Chief of Hospital.

  6. Arnie Lumigo says:

    Good day, maam/sir i would like ko inquire about your birthing packages, please send to my email and how much is the professional fee? I am planning to give birth in your hospital, as now im in iloilo. Hope i could get any information from you. You may also contact me at 033-321-2806/033-321-2505

  7. Grace Panhilason says:

    Hi. Good pm. 🙂 I would like to inquire regarding your 3 days basic iv training this august? How much is the fee? Thank you and God bless.