Macaria Avenue, Pacita I, San Pedro Laguna

FCHI Contact Number(s):

+632 519-8830, +632 808-4897, +632 847-6177, +632 847-9362

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  1. Grace says:

    Mom was there june 27 .to see a cardiologist just to interpret the ecg for her to be able to travel.. shes perfectly fine its just one of those requirements…guess how much they charged her?????? 45k???? Is this right?????????

    • Grace says:

      Anyway..she ended up going to makati med.instead and paid 3k the most!!!!!! Dr.guttierez of family care…may u get more rich with ur charges…not bcoz u see ur patient going to canada doesn’t mean shes rich….shes 65yo man, be reasonable!!!!!!

    • pet says:

      fuck that doctora piece of cunt
      kilala ko ang hayop na yan

  2. Please update your contact numbers. All lines are leading to a faxx machine. Who uses fax these days?! The only line that seems to be working is left unattended.

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