1556 Laong Laan Street, Sampaloc, Manila

Hospital of the Infant Jesus Contact Numbers:

+632 731-2771, +632 731-2832

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  1. Kimberly Vae Pagala says:

    how much is your breast ultrasound service cost maam/sir? thanks

  2. vee says:

    good afternoon, just want to inquire estimated Normal delivery package? thank you especially to dra. caisip, thank you so much

  3. nel says:

    I mean bitten by rat lastnight..

  4. nel says:

    Hello, how much the cost to inject anti rabies for rat. My cousin accidentally bite by rat lastnight. Any immediate response from your staff. Thanks

  5. rossana valeras says:

    hi, i would like to ask how much is the angiogram test for eyes po? and can we use credit card? pls reply a.s.a.p. thank you so much

  6. Hazel Ann Angeles says:

    Hi! I would like to inquire about your normal delivery package as well as the doctors pf.
    I hope to hear from you soon.. Tnx

  7. Divya Shanmugarajan says:

    I want to ask I have now 30days in my period cycle when I ll test the pregnancy can u give me idea

  8. norj says:

    Good morning, i want to know how much prenatal consultation fee in your hospital and what are the test to be done and the fees. Hope for your reply at my email adress. Thank you.

  9. I just want to ask how much is the cost of delivery in your hospital.. Can you give a draft both normal delivery at CS.

    Hoping for your immediate response.

    Thank you,