C. Santiago Street, Barangay Poblacion II, Marilao, Bulacan

MSMFH Contact Number(s):

+6344 769-9012, +63 932-925-4510

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  1. A says:

    Can u pls gave progress to ur billing dept it took a day to bill out
    U need to give attention to this because yiur wasting all our time since it was declared that the patience ia ready to release anytime and yet your billing dept took a whole to process it

  2. marjorie says:

    Is really bad felling to treat you like this…

  3. marjorie says:

    I been to this hospital for many many years ..

  4. marjorie says:

    And i dont really like how she behave that older woman…sorry if im also do mistake ..but you need to wacth all tour worker bahavior..thanks

  5. marjorie says:

    Hi ..good morning this marjorie been there to your hospital for check up..after few days i come back to ask the doctor to filling up my insurance ..then is cue ..i told them i will come next day ..this morning when i collect my insurance …i need the doctor stam by his name….then the pharmacy wanted me to pay 100 she say 200 but she wanted 100 only i told never i gonna pay just for filling up… and i told her i pay on wensday when mr baldemore will be back to stam she told me to speak the derector thats all.

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