Barangay Lanatan, Balayan, Batangas

MCWB Contact Number(s):

+6343 211-6802, +6343 921-3411, +6343 921-341

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  1. arlene jonson basit says:

    good morning po ask ko lang po magkano pa MRI sa spine po ba yun yung lower back po thanks

  2. Mayr ann Generoso says:

    Do you have a Neurologist doctors?
    Please let me know if they have. Thank you.

  3. joellen estano says:

    Do you have a machine test for breast? If yes I’ll be there tomorrow.

  4. Do you have a Diabetologist Doctor?

  5. Iced says:

    Hi…do u have pelvic ultrasound,how much?.tnx

  6. marc says:

    is there a neurologist in


  7. chona says:

    is there any vacancy on your company? thank you.:)

  8. Medical Center Western Batangas says:

    Good day to you. Please send your inquiry at
    Thank you.

  9. Alma Almario Gonzaga, M.D says:

    I am trying to reach my best friend in medical school from FEU. Dr. Henrietta Alisangco Mortel, OB-GYN MD at your facility. Please give her this message so I can communicate with her at least through e-mail.

    Thanks to you and please give my regards to Henri,

    • Henrietta A. Mortel says:

      Good morning Dra. Gonzaga. I forwarded your message to Dra. Mortel she was so happy to hear from you. You can email her at Thanks. Lina

      • Alma Gonzaga says:

        Hi Henri, kumusta na? I tried to find you and hoped that you are now on facebook so I can see you. I saw your daughter’s name who may be in New York but I did not try calling her yet. I tried e-mailing your hospital months ago na siguro and lo and behold you received my message! I am so thrilled. Can you go on facebook too?

        Missing you a lot, dear friend. Too bad we will not be joining medical mission there this coming March 2015.

        Love you and take care of yourself,
        Alma (Gonzaga)

  10. anne says:

    is there any vacancy on your company?thanks and Good day