Maharlika Highway, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija

NEDH Contact Number(s):

+6344 464-1187, +6344 600-1693, +6344 600-4693, +6344 940-1135,
+6344 940-6890, +6344 940-1323 (Fax)

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  1. Elinita b mendoza says:

    Sino po b ang ang doctor n pwedeng matingnan kung may cyst

  2. Elenita Del Rosario says:

    Puede po b malaman kung may clinic si doktor santa rina.ano po room number nia?

  3. Arjenica Hoffman says:

    Tanong ko lang po, magbabayad po ba ng doctor’s fee kahit OPD? And ilang bottle po ba talaga ng IOVERSOL 300mg ang kailangan na iinject sa ipapact-scan? Thank you

  4. Czarina Sarah DG. Cabrera says:

    May I request for a doctor that has a specialization on the neck part because the patient is experiencing a pain in the neck part. Do you have any schedule tomorrow? Saturday AM or PM

  5. Ryan says:

    Good afternoon for inquiries Maam, would like to ask Dr.Rainer De Guzman schedule? And his local number on your hospital? Thanks very much

  6. Liza Margarita M Serrano says:

    looking for neurologists with specialty for Myestinia Gravis. thanks

  7. how much is your ICU room rate?

  8. Emily jane says:

    Do you have a gastroenterologist doctor for infants and toddler?

  9. mike says:

    How much for the surgery of cyst in ovaries?(package deal) for my wife…tnx

  10. ria says:

    How much for general check up?

  11. Precious Cheong says:

    Attn : Ms. Jennifer J. Calma,

    This is in refernce to Bill No. 057286, that is surprisingly soar to PHP 18,752.12, from the initial quotation of our attending Physician. Can we have a proper breakdown.

    Thank you.

  12. Precious Cheong says:

    can i have Dr. Sta. Rina direct line please…

  13. Maricel says:

    how much for CT scan? Thank You..

  14. Pey buelva says:

    How much po chicken pox shot for adults?