Kauswagan Highway, Cagayan De Oro City

CDOPMP Contact Number(s):

+6388 858-5884, +6388 858-5241 to 42

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  1. Reuby Bullecer says:

    how much is MRI with Philhealth?

  2. raquel zapatos says:

    how much the operation of bartholin cyst with philhealth?

  3. Joanna says:

    How much is the c-section package?

  4. Jam says:

    Its 9:03 monday January 7, 2019 meaning office hours, how many times did i called up that telephone numbers stated above and nobodys answer!!!! Disappointed???

  5. Jehan Torayno says:

    Good afternoon. Do you have a phlebologist – doctor specialising in veins? If there is, can I please book an appointment the soonest time possible.
    Very much appreciated. Thanx.

  6. Marie says:

    Good day ma’am/sir,im.looking for neurology pedia.from butuan city here.

  7. Maria stella macas says:

    I am looking for a doctor for stomach who is available today. Thank u.

  8. Arnel Sager says:

    asking requirements regarding waste water treatment facility do not hesitate me
    please contact my CP# 09279938155 09194969918

  9. Attik says:

    Your drug testing is very lousy. Too much waiting time. The staff is needs to be more polite. It consumes our valuable time in waiting.j

  10. Mrs. Perez says:

    just want to ask new packages for month of july? For delivery..

  11. Anna Chavez says:

    I’msearching for for doctor specializied pulmonologist and cardiologist.

  12. Anna Chavez says:

    ang naka post puro mukha ng mga nurses at nagsasayawan lalo na sa facebook…

  13. Anna Chavez says:

    you should post list of doctors directory and their specialization. I don’t know where to find it…

  14. Pam says:

    To the Billing Department of Polymedic Medical Plaza:

    Especially to the lady with droopy eyes, small mouth and a straight intimidating face at the Philhealth window. I cannot even hear a word she’s saying! If you ask her again she’ll have to pause for a second and say her lines again without an effort to speak louder! I was even nice to her. My gosh! She’s dealing with patients who are hoping their healthcare provider would approve their request. By the way, this happened today! July 21, 2014 at 3pm.

    Who on earth hired her?! I worked as a customer service rep and an email support rep and no matter how rude the peoole i talked to everyday i always make them feel important and appreciated.

    Please address properly and immediately, I would be grateful if you will train your staff on how to provide an effective and good customer service.

    • Marea Charissa Ligtas says:

      Hello may medical technologist job hiring ba sa cdo polymdc plaza? Or any hospital around cagayn de oro?I would like to apply sana on august 2018. Hope smeone will help me.. I’m currently working in cavite now kasi plan to go back to mindanao on augst. Thank you pls email me @