Aguinaldo Highway, Talaba IV, Bacoor, Cavite

SDMC Contact Number(s):

+6346 417-2525, +6346 417-2539, +6346 417-2520, +6346 970-6454 (Fax)

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  1. Alfredo Cueto Jr. says:

    Do you accept HMO payment for tuli?
    My sin has HMO CoCo life, just wanna inquire if HMO will cover it.

  2. Jenny says:

    How much is the cost of public ward per day or semi-private?

  3. says:

    Is their a public ward there?

  4. Cris says:

    Good morning! I would like to inquire if you have an ENT doctor that performs FEES Fiber Functional Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing. Thank you. Good day!

  5. Eder says:

    may i ask how many rooms you have in the hospital? I mean the total number of rooms in the hospital?..Thank you

  6. Rosalie Rivera says:

    Hi. Ask ko lang po magkano maternity package nyo for normal delivery and cs. And sino po marerecommend nyong ob for first time mom. Thanks.

  7. Jennifer Galang says:

    as ko lang po kung my doctor ng pedia-neuro and wat sched and how much is the consultation?

  8. victoria perez says:

    hi just wanna ask,wat tym po sched ng mga ob? thank u..?

  9. Ryan Paredes says:

    good day
    how much po ang blood laboratory?

  10. Progressive 4&8 Molino 2 City of Bacoor says:

    Hello, do you hava a hematologist-pedia?

  11. Lhez says:

    Do you have a neuro-psychiatric exam?

  12. princelemen says:

    Hello all. I’m an Employee of st. Dominic Medical center. I accedentally found this site while doing some testing if our newly created site is already up and running. I would like to inform you that this is not our site. Maybe this site is like a search engine that gives the people what they are looking for. Kindly please visit this site after 1 week. Big thanks also to this site. Im not doing this for our company, but i’m doing this for the people that needs help. Cheers 🙂

  13. shirley says:

    i tried dialing those numbers, you should have one available to get a call. and the 5383? is not yet in service as it says. what if it is emergency? btw, i called at 12nn, your customer service reps are at lunch? that’s absurd reason for a hospital. but just your contact details. you are an hospital

  14. says:

    Do you have available urologist today?

  15. lindsy says:

    can i get the email address of st dominic i have a proposal thankyou god bless

  16. richzenard says:

    Good eve po ask lang po may charity po ba ang st.dominic please answer me….????

  17. Jonathan R. Alba says:

    Good morning po. I would like to ask if you have a neurologist who can read the result of ct scan. May I know also his/her schedule? If possible, how much would it cost? Your immediate response is much appreciated. Thank you! Jonathan Alba of Bacoor

  18. gladys says:

    what modality do you have in your radiology department? it will be used for our thesis research
    thank you!

  19. Good Day This is Apple of MySiteMalixi. I just want to know about what is the email of this Hospital and contacted person. Because i want to send a proposal about “FREE HOSPITAL SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT” to help your hospital a precise development. Thankyou and God Bless you all!

  20. Ayn marie pangilinan says:

    Hi can i have the checklist what i need to bring uoon delivery of my baby? and what documents do i have to bring and prepare upon admission and releasing of me and my baby after delivery and in such case im not yet married.. thank you for the quick response.

  21. NERIZZA F. MOJARES says:

    please send email address of st. dominic hospital cavite . thank u

  22. mary jane says:

    How much the operation cost with a chikd having an hypospadia penoscrotal with scrotal engulfment? I am hoping for your immediate response.. Thank u..

    • Cherry Ann says:

      Hi Mary Jane my son also have hypospadias and he’s already 12 years old.are you already have an idea Kung magkano ang operation for hypospadias and what hospital…

  23. Candido Enriquez says:

    Can you provide me the name and telephone number of your tricare coordinator. thank you very kindly.

  24. Eunice Lontoc says:

    Goodmorning po. Nag pasa po ako bg resume sainyo. Then nagtext na po kayo sakin na mag eexam ako. Kaya lang po late ko sya nareceive kasi po nasira phone ko. Pwede pa po ba humabol para mag exam? Thank you po.