Mariquita, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

SJHI Contact Number(s):

+632 420-8041, +632 520-8468, +6349 531-2096, +6349 534-1254

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24 Responses to ST. JAMES HOSPITAL, INC.

  1. Erick says:

    May opta po ba ang st james?

  2. Marjorie rivera says:

    Good morning!ask ko lang po anung oras po schedule ng EENT doctors dito?thanks

  3. Anna says:

    Hi goodmorning..may i know the schedule of EENT doctors..thanks and best regards

  4. Ystane Mache says:

    Good morning ? happy new year
    I have a question how much the cost for OB gyne consultation and Laboratory for pre-natal consultation ? Thanks please response immediatley ..

  5. adonis says:

    yung mga nurse sa information sa hmo ang tatagal kumilos inuuna pa chika bago pasyente. ung number 60 nung pumunta akodun lmost one hour bago mag number 61

  6. Jeff says:

    please answer your phone i’ve been calling for almost 2 hours and no one is picking up the phone…

  7. Sonny Peralta says:


    Hi, a pleasant day, would you kindly give me a the name of Nephrology Doctor at St. James Hospital and their schedule so that I can schedule a check up consultation to the Nephrology Doctor.

    Thanks & God Bless,


  8. Mark Christian Huela says:

    Good day.

    Sir/ ma’am

    I would like to ask, if there is a Gastroenterology specialist in your hospital? His/her Schedule? do you conduct stool analysis test? Please response asap.

    Thank you and more power.

    Mr. Mark Christian Huela

  9. Ramon S. Ladera says:

    Pwede po malaman ang clinic schedule ni Dr. Obillo.

  10. Abbey says:

    Bad customer/patient service. Very expensive and the rooms are old and dirty.

  11. good am po.. ask ko lang po kung me Gastroenterologist dito sa St.james.. tnx po..kung merun po anu pong araw ang schedule at wat time..tnx po..

  12. Rosalie says:

    How much would the mri be for one hand?

  13. anna says:

    Sir/mam magkano po ba ang bikini style of cesarean? And how much po ung down payment before the operation

  14. tom says:

    Yang putang inang Dra. Aquino na yan.. pera lang ang gusto.. Mukang tuwing magpapacheck up kame ng misis ko. d kame kilala..nagbebenta ng gamot na nkabalot lang sa plastic..Hula hula ang pinagsasabi..d ko gustong questionin ang pinagaralam mo,pero sana umayos ka…cguro naman nagsabi ka din nung bata ka na gusto mong maging doktor para mkatulong sa kapwa..Gusto ko sanang ipa audit ang mga facilities nya sa clinic, sa taas ng 7eleven cabuyao..

  15. jeresza raful says:

    Gud morning, meron po bang doctor naun para sa toncil.

  16. Liezel V. Genegaban says:

    Hi I’m Liezel and my daughter in law gave birth last August 18 and they’re still at the Hospital. Since it’ s the nearest hospital for them and she’s really in pain during that time they decided to deliver her baby at St. James in spite that we only belong to class C. They stayed at ward room only and always check our running bill so we can plan ahead. We paid already half of the bill and still waiting for my allowance to pay the other half but to my dismay I got feedback from my son this eveing that the supply of food was cut already and when they inquire to one of your staff he told them that canteen is only until 7pm only. What such an act of discrimination, as far as I’m concern at the end of the day we will still pay the balances and if ever we’re delayed they don’t deserved such kind of treatment. Is that how you treat your patient? Is it according to profile. Even the Admin office told them ” dapat hindi niyo dito dinala yan” when they asking if they can talk to the OB to ask for a discount. This is against the human rights, every patient should be treated fairly, with respect and dignity This should be corrected immediately. I will not tolerate such kind of behavior.

  17. Ester Estacio says:

    Hi Good afternoon.
    Me available po ba OB today 5pm ot 6pm?

  18. Ariane Caliboso says:

    Hi, I just want to ask if DR. LEAGUE, JOSE EMERENCIANO (Ophthalmologist) is still working in your hospital? If yes, maybe you can send me his schedule of availability so I could visit your branch.

  19. Mike Ledesma says:

    Good day! May this letter find you in good spirits.

    We are sending you this letter to request for your kind assistance regarding Mrs. EMELITA D. LABAMPA at SAINT JAMES HOSPITAL employee. Kindly advise him to call and coordinate with our law firm to discuss a very important matter.

    We look forward to your favorable response and will appreciate whatever assistance you may give pertaining to our request. Please contact us at (63) 5859731,(63) 09175764043 or (63) 09082559610 or kindly send us e-mail upon receipt of this letter and look for our Legal Counsel Atty. Joaquin Telan for any information of the above mentioned subject.

    Thank you and more power
    Very truly yours,

    Mike C. Ledesma

  20. edna says:

    To whom it may concern,
    My mom was confined there during our vacatiin in laguna.from October 18 till October 29.when we were discharged we are about to use their ambulance but last minute we cancelled the ambulance service,3 hours after we settled the bill.they told me i can get the refund but from the accounting department already because it was forwarded already and i was advised to wait a month.they asked my details.we are from bikol so when i went to manila November 17,they said no feedback yet.then i came back december 23.they said yes we know u have for refund but the one incharge is in doing year end inventory but as soon as they finishd we will contact you.january 5 office days were back to normal.until no i did not get any call feedback at times do i have to travel from bikol to laguna for 6 thousand pesos?one more trip to laguna means i already spent more than that amount for my travel that fair?

  21. Daniel says:

    Hi I just want to ask if Dra. Castrense is still working with your hospital? She was my wife doctor 7 years ago, when she take a caesarian delivery for my wife and we left some bills that need to pay for her. Can I have her CP number? Can you please leave her contact to my email address? appreciated.

    Thank you

  22. vaughan tandelcarmen says:


    in respect to your resources, facilities, services and man power. i would like to speak well of the lack of all above mentioned resulting to sluggish work load in completion of required patient’s equipment and attended needs. in addition upon observation to doctors, to always wear their profession at all times.

  23. good day

    sir/ ma’am

    in regard to your service in medical record section, kindly pls. re-educate your clerk how to entertain people. hindi maganda ang ipinakikita nya sa mga pasyente o naging pasyente nyo…

    thanks and best regards.

    mrs. fracisco pascual