F. Catapusan Street, Tanay, Rizal

TGH Contact Number(s):

+632 654-1049 local 114, +632 693-1545

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  1. nate chua chong says:

    tanay general hospital is so miserable. staff and doctors are so ignorant and unprofessional. they call u ate or kuya instead of maam/sir. so slow and incompetent people. what’s so funny? a doctor asked where i came from because i asked a lot and i knew some medical terms since my son is always been a suki of commonwealth hospital in qc, a high end one.(im not a nurse or a med person though) probably she is used to people who never asked, thats why she got intimidated?? i was the one to offer her to check my lolo’s heart beat an sop for checking vital signs. wtf? are u a real doctor?

  2. Pearl says:


    Does Tanay General Hospital have a mobile # as well?