Hospital I – San Bartolome
Quirino Highway, San Bartolome, Novaliches, Quezon City

BGH San Bartolome Contact Numbers:

+632 340-0296, +632 935-5264, +632 935-7213, +632 936-6050,
+632 939-6470, +632 419-6222 (Fax)

Hospitial II – Zabarte
Olympus, Zabarte Road, Novaliches, Quezon City

BGH Zabarte Contact Numbers:

+632 418-6711, +632 418-6684, +632 939-8050 (Fax)

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  1. Erika says:

    I want to report my disappointed experience with your staff last Monday at BGH Olympus site. The involved nurses, if they’re really nurses with no TLC – Jay-Ar and Flor, who are both assigned at OPD -OB section. I went to the hospital because I had fever and felt that it might be related to my PCOS. Gave my index card record to Jay Ar, waited for an hour. I was wondering at that time as to why I’m waiting even if there are no people around, it’s absolutely lesser as compared to OPD at the down section. I asked him nicely what my number is and then he started to look for my card, but it’s nowhere to be found, 5 minutes later they found my card and he and Flor said that it got mixed-up to the other OPD section with more patients than they have. 2 minutes later, Flor called me for BP, I told her that i was dismayed and hoping that my name would be called at the right time, then she uttered ‘ di niyo po kasi nilagay name ng doctor niyo’ My temper rose up and asked her , do I really need to do that and was that really my fault? I was the one waited and they should have put the doctor’s name in the first place because it’s their responsibility and not by the patient. I hope you would so something to Flor and Jay ar about this incident. I was upset and disappointed because of them. Erika

  2. Pearl Dela Cruz says:

    Walang kwenta ung mga contact numbers nyo lahat walang sumasagot ..

  3. mary grace says:

    Hi tinatawagan ko po assistance ng bernardino hospital my itatanong po sana ako if anu po mga sched ng OB gyne? kaso wala naman po sumasagot bakit po ganun?… sana naman po maging alert naman po kayo lalo na sa mga patient!..

  4. Victoriw says:

    Ang daming contact numbers, hindi naman macontact!!!! Buwisit!!!!

  5. Kaka says:

    Yung nanay ko naiistroke kahapon. Dinala xa jan sa hospital ng bernardino hospital around 9 or 10 am yesterday. Guess what they did? Nkita nila n nagkakangiwingiwi n mukha ng nanay ko at para ng lantay gulay ndi p nila binigyan ng first aid. Una png Tinanong kung may pambayad kami sa hospital. Tapos nkiusap p sknila yung kasama ng mother ko n bigyan nila ng aid yung nanay ko pero wla sila ginawa. Kinuhanan lng ng bloodpressure and then wala na. Hinayaan lng nila. Tapos nung dumating n mga kapatid ko så hospital n nkiusap kung pwede makahiram ng ambulansya ndi din Kau nagpahiram para maitransfer sa ibang hospital nanay ko. Pero anu sagot nyu saamin na kami ang kumuntak dun sa hospital n pagdadalhan ng nanay ko at dun kami maghiram ng ambulansya para sunduin dito sa ospital nyung bulok ang sistema. Dahil wla n oras mga kapatid ko makipagtalo sa bulok nyung pamamalakad binuhat nlng nya nanay namin palabas ng hospital para dalhin sa iba. Wala man lng kau ginawa kahit anu. Kung binigyan nyu lng kahit sana first aid nanay ko ndi maxado malala mangyayari sknya. Hindi kau makatao. Hindi kau mga tao hayop kau.