Aguilar Avenue, CAA Road, Pulang Lupa II, Las Piñas City

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+632 825-5293, +632 829-7715, +632 825-5236 (Telefax)

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  1. Bernadette says:

    Hello. Ask ko lang po kung may child psychologist po ba kayo? At anu po ang schedule nya? Thanks

  2. Denise says:

    Hi wanna suggest sana na kumuha kayo ng guard yun naman hindi puro chismisan ang ginagawa specially sa main entrance yung dalawang babae na confine ang mother ko almost a week at a week ko din sila nadadaanan nag chismisan.

  3. Kriselle says:

    Hi po tanong ko lang po kng anong schedule po ng ENT Doctors po?

  4. mark gliponeo says:

    my cellphone number po ba kayo?

  5. Rose says:

    Hi, ask ko lang if pwede ba gamitin ng sabay ang philhealth sa las piñas doctors kung cesarean ako?

  6. Medjie lanzarote says:

    May I ask the scheduled of ENT doctors for tomorrow..thanks

  7. Julie Pescadera says:

    Dear all,

    I am the one of Green Card Holder in Las Piñas City. I’d never used my card since then and i want to use it now on my pregnancy. I’ll just want to inquire whats the process of the Card in your hospital? Ill just want to know and prepare before my delivery.

    I hope i can get response from your end the soonest possible.

    Thank you so much.



  8. Melody says:

    Is health care: Green Card hospitalization package worth of Php25,000, can no longer be applied for reimbursement if the patient’s partial hospital bills has already been paid via the Cash deposit made as required by the Hospital? The cashier was quoted saying that we can no longer apply the green card benefit since it was already settled and there’s a specified room for patients who intend to use the Green Card benefit of Las Pinas residents. Further more, It has to be presented before the treatment said she. But the patient is still in the hospital so the hospital bills will also rise? What’s the use of this benefit card then. Pls. enlighten us or should we go to the City Hall to raise the issue? Thank you for the immediate response or comments are most welcome.

    • JRM says:

      Based on personal experience, the procedure is as clear as mud. Poor patients are made to go here and there without proper instructions. And the coordinator at the city health office is a power tripper who takes merienda breaks for more than an hour! The apathy is real. Better pray that you can afford quality health care elsewhere where you will be treated with dignity and kindness.

  9. brenda says:

    good day can i ask if u will buy kidney?coz my cousin need money badley

  10. Alma Hissong says:

    Hello Doc, we are an American Filipino Massage SPA and Therapeutic Services, we cater all walks of life individuals on adults for to maintain wellness and heal some therapeutic massage via our USDA oils, our treatment is base on Home Delivery and Walk ins , should you have any referrals please feel free to contact me at or to
    We can arrange commissions or incentives for patient referrals as well, we have licensed therapist and RNS in case needed on the real time delivery of the massage.
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