793 Quirino Highway, Gulod, Novaliches, Quezon City

NGH Contact Numbers:

+632 417-9522, +632 418-5039, +632 936-1817, +632 936-1818, +632 938-7890

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  1. Rodolfo marcelo says:

    Magkano po ang mri ng ankle?

  2. Russ Reynoso says:

    Wala manlang sumasagot sa tumatawag sainyo. Im sure naman may nakaduty na sasagot sa phone e no? Pero ang ginagawa hang yung phone para maging busy. Siguro naririndi na din
    Kaya ginawa hinang yung phone para maging busy..

  3. Ronnie Abobo says:

    Meron po b cardiologist at pwedi po b makuha schedule tnx?

  4. Pete says:

    Your hotline sucks.

  5. ben says:

    meron bang phcychayatrist service dito

  6. Cathy Castillo says:

    Do you have laboratory for TB B1 B2 for newborn baby?