Caruncho Avenue, Pasig City

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+632 641-8194

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  1. Ritchelle Mae says:


    I would just like to ask if you are accepting volunteer nurses? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

  2. leslie magboo says:

    Hi gud day,i just want to ask if you still acccepting for staff nurse in your facility?hoping and looking for your kind response. Im from v.mapa sta.mesa only here is my cp no-09369516612…thank you…

  3. ma. asuncion says:

    hi gud pm, i just want to ask if you still accepting staff nurse in your hospital?ive seen your adds on the internet that your hospital is in need of nurse. thank you and looking forward to work with you. God bless…here is my cp please contact me.-09369518775

  4. Riza Manlapaz says:

    Good afternoon! I just want to ask if you are accepting for volunteer nurse or if you are still hiring for staff nurse… Thank you!