35 Bayan-Bayanan Avenue, Concepcion, Marikina City

SVH Contact Number(s):

+632 941-7320, +632 948-0314 to 15, +632 948-3027

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  1. LSM says:

    Worst hospital choose another hospital if you can.

    Ang hospital na mukhang PERA at HINDI MAKATAO! They have a P25,000 limit kung mag exceed na RED FLAG na ang patient, kahit may PhilHealth ka hindi nila ibabawas dun sa running balance. Red flag means on hold ang services until you pay up at ang gamot ay cash basis na pag exceeded ka na sa limit. Grabe! considering more than P100K na partial payments plus HMO, no consideration pa rin at red flag agad, kahit na ang running balance na lang ay P26,000 at entitled pa ng Philhealth deduction na P22,500, hindi nila iconsider yung Philhealth, technically overpaid na ang patiente because of Philhealth pero Red flag pa rin because of their f-ing limit that does not consider the PhilHealth deductions.

    No CT Scan, no duplex ultrasound to name a few na wala sila, so lalabas ka pa to go to other hospitals na mayroon so hassle/inconvenient sa patient and additional costs/charges like payment to the nurse who will accompany the patient and/or ambulance fees or taxi fare or your gasoline if using own transportation.

    you dont have a choice but buy their blood hindi pwede na palitan via donations of generous friends/relative para bumaba ang hospital bills, Kailangan lahat bilin ang dugo sa kanila yung ang kanilang policy. Kung wala available kailangan mong mag antay ng matagal hindi ka nila iupdate man lang na walang ka match only sasabihin naghahanap pa sila, pagpilit lang sa sobrang tagal At kulitin mo saka lang nila sasabihin na pwede na maghanap ng magbigay ng blood, kailangan kasi nila iprioritize na bilin ang blood sa kanila.

    We had so many bad experiences in this hospital so we strongly suggest go some place where they would put the patients first over money.

  2. Georgette Norva says:

    Good day Ma’am/Sir, I would like to ask if you’re open for hiring a registered medical technologist? Thank you. 🙂