Allerey Extension, Lucena City

MCDGH Contact Number(s):

+6342 373-2026, +6342 710-2576, +6342 373-3950 (Fax)

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  1. kirby galicia says:

    hello po,…meron po bang hemoglobin electrophoresis sa inyo. tnx po

  2. good afternoon po..magkano po pa test serum ferritin??

  3. Robert Brown says:

    Why none of the land line numbers posted here dont work ?

  4. Norman Canda says:

    The most unsatisfactory place at this hospital….waiting are at doctor’s clinic most of the time it is very crowded and with poor ventilation …clinics are very tight inside and the worse nightmare in this hospital is finding a spot to park your car PARKING LOT IS ONE OF THE WORSE PLACE IN THIS HOSPITAL…
    ONEMORE THING…I am a stroke patient at this hospital and i am having my therapy at rehab dept. almost every time i come in here for my session i have to wait for at least 30min.for the machine…lack of machine and most of the machine i think are already old and need to be replaced or need additional machine and the mini pedal bike too,also at the O.T. Room the instrument there need replacement,the reading materials are already torn off and falling apart …OMG PLEASE CHECK IT OUTFOR MORE BETTER AND SATISFYING SERVICES TO THE COMMUNITY…THANK YOU

  5. Concern Individual says:

    Magandang umaga po mga namamahala sa oapital na to. Panawagan n din sa HR department. Meron po kasi n hindi patas na pagtingin o pagtrato sa mga bagong NA at Nurse sa ilang Station nyo. Di po ba ay meron ng monthly schedule ang mga nurses at NA na binibigay ng supervisor? Subalit hndi pa din nasusunod ang mga schedule nagkakaron ng changes na iba ang papadutyhin kahit naka off na papadutyhin pa din. Kahit sinabi n masama na ang pakiramdam papadutyhin pa din. Hndi po ba hndi naman cguro patas yun. My ilan sinasamantala ang oagiging seniority, sa kabilang banda wala naman problema sa changes of schedule, pumapayag naman ung mga bagong empleyado na magduty kahit off nila, ang nakaka iyak lang dito bakit my mga senior nurses na pinag iinitan ang mga bago na cla lagi ang mag duty? Hndi naman po cguro iisa o dadalwa ang mga bagong nurse at NA nyo, hndi po ba consider as bullying yun? Panawagan po sa mga tagapamahala ng ospital na ito. Sana maging oatS tayo sa mga empleyado. Para mawala n ang imahe na kaya madami hndi tumatagal n empleyado sa nyo kc sa ganong sistema ng mga senior nurses nyo sa ibang station. Stop bullying…

  6. Gen C. Abaca says:

    Hi, I would like to ask the amount of maternity package. Thanks!