Circumferencial Road, Antipolo City, Rizal

UMC Contact Number(s):

+632 650-7096, +632 697-0170

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  1. Maj says:

    The contact numbers you posted seem inactive. I hope you give the correct existing and active contact numbers. Two numbers posted on your website says “Number cannot be completed” or “cannot be reached”? while the other number here is always unanswered. You might need an operator to answer phone calls…I can apply. I wonder… is your hospital really reliable and trustworthy? Why is it that a simple information as this is poorly, inadequately and unreliably posted? Pls check your info on website and update it. Thanks.

  2. Joey R Maurillo says:

    The hospital has no good contact telephone number(s) whatsoever to call them. It is a clear reflection of how they operate as a hospital. I have nothing good to say.

  3. Fuck off says:

    We are on emergency trYiNg to reach the hospital no one answering my call ,,, no operator Fuck you unciano hospital private useless service. Government should cancelled your operation permit… Your all suckssss

  4. Myriam says:

    Very disappointed No one answering the calls the operator is useless. You are in the services every minute is important t ! Telephone calls pa lan di na ma attend paano pa kaya ang mga pasyente ! Need to talk to you urgently my sister is waiting at the red cross the request you gave doesnt have blood type stupid! Management should take a look at this issue !

  5. Jennifer C. Cayona says:

    Why? same sentiments here. There’s no operator answering the calls. Need to know if Dr. Edwin V. Rodriguez-Hematology is an Asian Life accredited doctor? What to know also his schedules.

  6. J.C capati says:

    There is no telephone operator to receive our call. I am so disappointed! WASTE OF time!

  7. Joy Zamora says:

    So hard to contact your number always no operator to receive the of your client your a hospital you need to be alert all the time even a simple telephone calls